At a time that feels turbulent and and shifting, where the likelihood of foreign war planes flying over our shores is higher than any mainstream media publication would ever let on, or the media’s failure to cover countless other news stories – be it regarding Syria, Assange, Reality Winner, or the crimes of Jeffrey Epstein – it is clearer now more than ever that something new is needed, and something new is needed fast.

For not only do we sit on the precipice of war, freedom of speech is rapidly declining: Academics are mobbed out of universities, most consider half their country vile, and some, like in the streets of Charlottesville, have already begun to engage in civil war.

I am establishing new initiatives to truly protect freedom of speech and press, an ethical media company, in addition to establishing a platform to wane the influence of polarisation. If you support this vision, I would be be grateful for your donations via Patreon or PayPal.

Thank you in advance, Tareq.