An Easter Message from a Concerned Journalist

Dear reader, Happy Easter. There is no doubt that I write to you in strange and uncertain times. To say they are frightening also is surely an understatement, but my fears, I suspect, are placed elsewhere to most. More is to follow on this shortly, but first I must offer you a lengthy disclaimer ofContinue reading “An Easter Message from a Concerned Journalist”

The Jungle: ‘I tried not to cry in front of them, but I couldn’t hold it back’

He fled Saddam Hussein’s atrocities in Iraq 15 years ago. Now, Alan Ahmad is happily settled in Hull and hoping to qualify as a black cab driver. But when the 28-year-old went to Calais and Dunkirk to help with the humanitarian effort last month, the horrors of being a refugee came flooding back. He wasContinue reading “The Jungle: ‘I tried not to cry in front of them, but I couldn’t hold it back’”

From a child fleeing a brutal dictator to Hull city councillor hoping to ease the refugee crisis

As a young boy, he saw his father die from the torture inflicted on him by a brutal regime. Haroldo Herrera-Richmond was just two years old when Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship took power in Chile. Now a Hull city councillor after coming to England, Cllr Herrera-Richmond is well qualified to speak on the global refugee crisis.