TarIMG1eq Haddad is a deeply conscientious journalist and writer whose passion is to bring about social change with the power of words.

As such, journalism is not simply a job for Tareq, but a calling he felt obligated to pursue and in doing so, he has dedicated himself to the craft and is constantly challenging himself to improve.

When that sense of obligation reached its peak in 2014, Tareq left his finance role and went on to train with the Press Association, before gaining employment with the Hull Daily Mail. He is currently a breaking news reporter at International Business Times UK, focussing on the Middle East, and is working hard to elevate himself and soak in the knowledge of his experienced colleagues.

Tareq’s goals are to one day return to New York where he completed his university studies and to publish works of literature. He is an avid reader and draws particular inspiration from George Orwell, Thomas Paine and Noam Chomsky.

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