Why I Write.

Although I was born in the Middle East, much of my education and development took place in the West where it was instilled in me that success is measured by the status of your job and how much money you make. I was well on my way down the path I was supposed to take; I finished a degree in finance and I started making my way up the corporate ladder. However, as my self-questioning, philosophical and inquisitive nature caused me to grow spiritually and help define the kind of person I wanted to become, I realised that there is something far bigger and more necessary than our selfish needs and wants of money, power and so on.

At that time, I found myself fortunate enough to live on a planet that despite the odds, is capable of sustaining life and one that produces natural beauty far greater than promised to us by god. Despite that, we waste countless resources destroying this planet, killing ourselves in the process.

It may be a naïve and utopian view but when you see that we are all one, co-existing in this one home, co-dependently writing our destinies; it becomes impossible to justify any level of self harm. However, wherever you turn, there is case after case of needless suffering, injustice, inequality, poverty, war, substance-abuse, corruption, oppression and so on, and this is just what we are doing to ourselves. I have not even mentioned what we are doing to the countless other inhabitants we share the world with – or to the world itself. What is worse than all of this is the general level of ignorance and indifference.

I see journalism and even more generally, writing, not only as a tool to raise awareness but as a method of compelling us to take responsibility for that world that we live in. I see it as a tool to make us question power, norms, beliefs but more importantly, our current way of being and to wonder if we’re capable of anything higher. Finally, I see it as a tool to rid us of our cowardliness and give us the strength to act.


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